Why I do what I do: Sharing my story helps me achieve my "purpose"

a.k.a. Rajat_nda

Rajat Mishra

So, I’m passionate about sharing key takeaways from my story. I do that in a typical storytelling format—sharing what that means to the audience, how we can make resilience a deeply embedded default reaction, etc.

No, I’m not preachy in these talks 😊. Duration is typically 20-30 mins depending on the context and end-in-mind of the organizer. I’ve been doing this for years now, typically in corporate settings and also in a couple of educational institutions. Audience strength has varied from 30 to ~2,000 folks.

If you want to invite me for a speaker session, drop in a note to the email id below. I might have to weigh that in along with bandwidth availability—personal and professional, but typically, things work out 😊. Sharing this key message also serves my purpose of making an impact in this “second life”. So, all good…