​​​On a personal front, during IIM A days, I fell in love with a beautiful damsel staying in far away land- Richa             

and we got married in 2009. 

Few years later, we witnessed the best thing to happen in our lives- our daughter Rishika          . Life has of course changed dramatically after becoming a parent.  

Another few years later, we were blessed with a baby boy and with two kids, well, couldn't get better.

My Dad, an epitome of humility, left for the heavenly abode back in 1997            .

My Mother has been my role model through all the difficult times, and continues to inspire           us with her indomitable spirit, positive attitude, and resilience.               .

My younger Sister, Raksha - my other source of inspiration, who has also surfed through troubled waters          at an early age, continues to do the same - inspire me.

On a professional front, I'm working with Deloitte (at Hyderabad currently) and trying to make an impact that matters - both professionally, and personally. Just doing my bit. Life, it goes on...

So, before getting on to 'what worked/works' for me, a quick update on a couple of things- professionally and personally. 

Quick Update . . .

a.k.a. Rajat_nda

My Secret . . .

Rajat Mishra

When I left the Army in 2006, I started from scratch, wherein even the scratch was more of a farce and I was actually miles behind. I started practicing "A,B,C…" with left hand, got back to the syllabus buried deeply under zillions of stampings on the parade ground and gun shots, chalked out a war room mission plan for 'studying', and toiled my heart out.

Below is an attempt to share the gist of what worked for me. Again, at the cost of immodesty, I'm not preaching any best practices and this is by no means mutually-exclusive-collectively-exhaustive. 

1. Clarity of vision

I'm clear on what I want in life - right now, this very moment. It's the answer to: "What do you really want in life?" followed by "Why?" and "Why?" and "Why?" (the 3 Whys...pls google it). It's about setting the right priorities. If this vision is clearly defined, it's easier to make decisions on day-to-day basis and striking the right balance between work, family, and stuff like that. 

​2. Positive attitude

​It all boils down to the way one reacts to a situation - our approach to life. I lost just one shoulder in spite of the disastrous impact, things could have been much worse [just see any of the 'Final Destination' movie series for examples, like really... :)]. So, how does one 'be positive'? My blood group is B+ve, but that's of course not the answer. Simply put, it comes naturally when one understands the fact that in the end, everything happens for a reason. And, while there is a saying about the light at the end of the tunnel, there's none about a pit of snakes at the end of the tunnel. Just saying...

​3. Belief in self

Maybe this is more of a subconscious molding towards an objective, but only if 'You' believe you 'can', 'you can'. Back in those days, against all odds I strongly believed that I have to and 'will' make it happen (GMAT/CAT/ISB/IIM A). I just accepted it as a fact that it will happen. This is also core to the Law of Attraction, Law of Creation, Law of Resonance principles (which I had no idea about back in 2006-2007), and the belief has to be enabled with "actions". As we now know from many teachings, the Universe doesn't give you what you want, but who you are. This goes so deep - with the abundance mindset, energy healing, positive affirmations, and what not; will take more than a "gist" to cover.

​4. Being resolute

​Life is iffy and it takes but a few seconds for things to go wrong. What then matters is one's resilience and being resolute on the face of adversity- the Finnish word 'Sisu.'

5. Humility
Staunch believer of this simple yet powerful word. I guess it got ingrained after experiencing the iffy idiosyncrasies of life. It's sad and surprising how there are some, who build up heaps of ego based on facts that do not hold water. Somewhat on the same lines, 'appreciating what we have in hand' is unfortunately something that doesn't come naturally, and typically only through bitter experiences. Maybe there are some learnings learnt only by living through it.

6. Work your fingers to the bone...if that's what it'll take

I studied hard passionately as if nothing else mattered but my goal. Passion, determination and words to that effect are the cornerstone for success. Also, somebody has rightly said- "Stretch out your limits once a while, lest you lose your elasticity".

7. Keep track

I keep/kept track of things that I want to improve on -  physical fitness, prep during the CAT/GMAT days, or anything. Keeping track (even if you don't end up analyzing afterwards), always helps in retaining focus.

8. Kick

​Know what gives you the 'kick'(in a positive way) and brings energy in life; and never let that die. Of course, sometimes one has to adapt or improvise when things change.

​9. Greater good

I knew that I would share my thoughts/notes/work with many others, just for the sake of overall greater good ('not-trying-to-be-magnanimous' disclaimer). I believe this is an additional enabler- the fact that it (the effort) will help a larger number than one.

10. Music

Music is a very powerful tool. The right kind of music at the right time has the power to lift the morale, infuse energy, and bring one out from the worst of moods. I'm a reasonably 'okay' singer (I guess), and different genres of music have sailed with me through varied times.