Over the years, I've tried to respond to every e-mail or FB message, from a plethora of well wishers who came across my story/blog in some way. Well, life would definitely have been easier (if not better) with two shoulders, but as Forrest Gump wisely said (and I can't help but reiterate) - "Sh*t happens" (and life...well, it goes on). 

Sometimes, people fall. They then get up and move on. Two simple sentences with a much deeper meaning. Simply put, that's what life is all about. It's all in the  "mind", we had learnt, back in the good ol' academy days.

"Life is iffy" they said. Well, at the potential cost of immodesty (pls humor), here goes a brief:

About Me - in a few words

Hi! I welcome you to my personal website. I have tried to consolidate as much of my e-presence/impact into this site, as it made practical sense.

This website is a progeny and an obvious next step from my blog that I started in Jan 2007. Well, the ultimate, all-said-and-done objective of most of my writings or contribution to others is to -          

          "Make a significant impact from, and to justify my second life."

And yes of course, I would love to hear your feedback on my book; I enjoyed writing it :).

Welcome Message

Well, got life back on track, became a leftie and started scribbling A to Z...  Aimed high (sky is only the lower limit, mine was the universe)...  New e-Avatar took shape as Rajat_nda and Mission MBA (bell the CAT & GMAT) started... Racked up an awesome score.... Shared my notes with the world... Fortunate enough to be in a privileged dilemma... IIM A or ISB... After spending 20 'golden' days at ISB, joined IIM Ahmedabad and went through another privileged grueling of 2 yrs (PGP 2009)... Emerged as an upgraded version of myself... 

Trained at and DNA re-coded in the prestigious National Defence Academy and IMA Dehradun... Spent glorious years in Olive Greens in the Army... Life was on track... Iffy Life took a sudden dive down with "the accident" during a course... Lost my right arm and broke a lot of stuff... Had to leave the Army... 

[Site went live in Jan 2015]

Journey so far...

a.k.a. Rajat_nda

Rajat Mishra