Hi! As a writer, author, learner, teacher, follower, leader, and an Ex Army Officer, I welcome you to my personal website. I have tried to consolidate as much of my e-presence/impact into this site, as it made practical sense.

This website is a progeny and an obvious next step from my blog that I started in Jan 2007. The ultimate, all-said-and-done objective of most of my writings or message sharing is to -          

          "Make a significant impact from, and to justify my second life."

And yes of course, I would love to hear your feedback on my book; I did enjoy writing it...

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Last updated: Apr 2023

Site went live: Jan 2015

Well, got life back on track, became a leftie and started scribbling A to Z...  Aimed high (sky is only the lower limit, mine was the universe)...  New e-Avatar took shape as Rajat_nda and Mission MBA (bell the CAT & GMAT) started... Racked up an awesome score.... Shared my notes with the world (google "rajat_nda notes")... Fortunate enough to be in a privileged dilemma... IIM A or ISB... After spending 20 'golden' days at ISB, joined IIM Ahmedabad and went through another privileged grueling of 2 yrs (PGP 2009)... Emerged as an upgraded version of myself... 

Trained at and DNA re-designed at the prestigious National Defence Academy and IMA Dehradun... Spent a few glorious years in Olive Greens in the Army... Life was on track... Iffy Life then took a sudden dive down with "the accident" during a course... Lost my right arm and broke a lot of stuff... Had to leave the Army... 

Rajat Mishra

Journey so far...

About Me - in a few words

"Life is iffy" they said. Well, at the potential cost of immodesty (pls humor), here goes a brief:

a.k.a. Rajat_nda

Over the years, I've tried to respond to every e-mail, FB message, and messages/comments on this website from many well wishers who came across my story/blog/book in some way. Well, life would definitely have been easier (if not better) with two shoulders, but as the famous T-shirt in Forrest Gump wisely said (and I can't help but reiterate), "Sh*t happens," and life...well, it goes on. 

Sometimes, people fall. They then get up and move on. Two simple sentences with a much deeper meaning. Simply put, that's what life is all about. It's all in the "mind", we had learnt, back in the good ol' academy days.